Choosing a real estate agent to sell your home is no easy task. There are many options in the Mississauga area and the surrounding GTA.

Discount Real Estate Agents

You may be tempted to use a discount broker to save money on commission. You might even consider a flat fee MLS listing. If you’re with the majority though, you will probably list with a full service agent. Why take a chance on what is probably the biggest financial decision of your life. It would be nice to save money on commission. The problem is that discount brokers compensate their low commission by discounting their service. When an agent discounts their service, it can easily result in a lower selling price for the home. Even though, you may have paid less commission for the transaction, you ultimately net less money in your pocket because you achieved a lower selling price. The discount brokers, and other no name brokerages fail to mention this in their marketing.

Full Service Real Estate Agents

Intelligent people with financial knowledge usually choose full service agents to sell their home because they know, it is the most effective way to net the most money from the transaction. They know the value of a reputable brokerage, an experience agent, professional services, and exposure for the listing. Low commission on its own is not enough to save money. It only works when paired with premium service.

Basic Comparision

For example, Seller A decides he wants to save on commission and lists his home for $500,000 with a discount broker. He chose the discount broker because he had the lowest commission offering of everyone he researched. Seller B knows the value of a reputable brokerage and lists his home for $500,000 with a full service agent. He chose the full service because he worked for a reputable brokerage and has experience marketing homes using modern technology. Seller A and Seller B have identical homes in the Lorne Park neighbourhood. Seller A’s discount broker doesnt have the support of a full service office or national brand to help him with the marketing of his home. Also, he doesnt use a Professional Photographer because his marketing funds are very limited. Seller B’s full service agent focuses on marketing the home to with goal of achieving maximum exposure. He uses a Professional photographer, HD video, quality feature sheets, open houses every weekend. His goal is to get the most buyers walking through the home. After about 2 months, Seller A finally sells his home for $475,000. He is happy though because he saved $5000 commission. It only took Seller B two weeks to sell his home. It sold for $495,000 because he was able to refuse low offers because there was alot of interest derived from all the exposure. He paid full commission and still netted $11,875 more than Seller A. How can this be possible? If Seller A paid less commission, how could Seller B walk away with more money?

This is the problem. A lot of people don’t realize that just because you pay less commission, you don’t necessarily walk away with more money. There is a lot of misleading information out there.

Evusto Can Make It Possible

Imagine having best of both worlds when making the important decision to sell your home. How about paying less commission similar to what a discount broker would charge while getting the premium service that you would expect from a full service agent working with a reputable top brand brokerage.and working with a full service premium agent to get the exposure you need for your property to sell at the best price possible. This is the primary goal of Evusto. We will match homesellers who want to pay less commission with full service top brand agents willing to offer lower commission. It might be tempting for a full service to discount their level of service to compemsate for the lower commission. For example, they may use their own camera to take pictures for the listing rather than pay for a Professional Photographer. With Evusto, that will not happen. You will pay less commission, while getting full commission service. Homesellers can have their cake and eat it too. Not only will they save money on commission, they will also benefit from the increased exposure and increased flow of buyers walking through the home, potentailly leading to a higher selling price. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pay less commission. We can make that possible without having to sacrifice on the quality of service that eventually puts more money into your bank account.